Our services are focused on, but not limited to, work in the following lending areas.

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Real Estate

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Who are we

We provide due diligence services including audit and credit underwriting for secured creditors involved in commercial and real estate lending transactions. We use sophisticated data analytics to provide more efficient and informative reports based on customized examination procedures for our clients. We will deliver all the important credit underwriting information you require to protect your investment and assess the risks you may have in your secured lending transactions.

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Why you should choose CCES?

Risk Management at its Finest

Compliance and Collateral Examinations Services utilizes top-notch experience,
sophisticated data analytics and a drive for ..excellence...

More Diligent Due Diligence

Not only do we have over 25 consecutive years experience in Banking, Loan Workout, and Asset Based Lending...

Technology that Saves Money

We use specialized analytical software and knowledge to review information more quickly and efficiently...

Daily Communication, No Surprises

We give frequent progress reports that keep you up to date on any findings we encounter...

You Work Exclusively with the Top Brass

You work directly with the people in charge. No junior-accountant-of-the-week. You get the full benefit of all the experience...

Flexibility that fits like a Glove

At CCES we will customize our work and work schedule to meet your specific needs. We can offer full, limited or modified scope...

Pricing that Makes Sense

You only pay for the services you need when you need them. Whether you need additional audit capacity to complete a project ...

Close to Everywhere

CCES is centrally located in the United States which enables us to easily reach your customers quickly and inexpensively...

Teamwork that Works

CCES is organized to facilitate teamwork. We have one individual assigned to conducting data analytics and one individual...